Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Appendix's benefits revealed

All throughout history, most medical professionals have believed that the appendix had little to no purpose. Recent studies have found that there is actually a purpose to this part of the body!

Conclusive evidence indicates that this part of the body protects us from potential germs that can have a negative impact on the body. In addition to this, it has been discovered that the appendix works to protect germs that are actually considered to be positive and productive for our health. The evidence that surrounds the studies that conclude that the appendix is very beneficial to the body states that the bacteria that is in the appendix is considered to be "good" and actually works to supplement and benefit the natural digestion process.

Doctors and other types of medical professionals have found small traces of tissue in the appendix that are directly related to immune health, it is only recently that the discovery that this organ may prove to be more of a necessity to the body than once believed.

When food travels in the digestive system, there are small substances that are referred to as "microbes" that assist in actually breaking the food down and distributing nutrients as appropriate in other areas of the body. It is now believed that these microbes are able to function according to the bacterium that resides in the appendix. This bacterium allows the microbes to be healthy and function appropriately. If these turn "bad", there will often be complications when it comes to properly breaking down food that is consumed and distributing nutrients throughout the rest of the body. Furthermore, it will result in toxins accumulating in the body and this can cause many health problems.

When the appendix is functioning properly, it serves other purposes as well. Once waste has left the body, the appendix will release the bacteria that are considered to be "good". The bacterium immediately flocks to the intestines and duplicates itself so that it can eliminate and prevent any bacterium that is considered to be "bad". If unhealthy bacteria are permitted to enter and develop in the intestines, many health complications may occur. One of the most common side effects includes that of diarrhea and similar gastrointestinal complications.

Appendicitis is a life threatening condition that many individuals have or will eventually suffer from. In recent studies that outlined the prevalence of this inflammation that occurs in the appendix, it has been estimated that as many as five hundred individuals in the United States alone suffer and die from this conditions. Nearly five hundred thousand other people are treated and admitted to hospitals on an annual basis due to appendicitis. When one suffers from this condition, having the appendix removed is the most common scenario. Up until recently, though, many thought that removing this organ would not result in any type of negative consequences.

It has been discovered that approximately 80% of the immunity actually resides in the gastrointestinal tract. The appendix works to provide bacteria that is considered positive for the health of the digestive system. If the digestive system is healthy, it means that the immunity of the body will be stronger overall. If the appendix is healthy and left in place, the digestive system will be a breeding ground for health. The immunity will be stronger and less sickness and other health complications will arise throughout the life of the individual.

If at all possible, it is critical to leave the appendix in place at all times. There are many cases, however, when the appendix will need to be removed because it has burst and infection is spilling over into the body. If this happens, it is vital to go ahead and agree with the removal. Not doing so will result in death. It is vital that you know and understand this. You should never, under any other circumstances, have your appendix removed just to do it. By doing so, you are putting your health at risk. This removal, whether needed to sustain life, or done by choice, will definitely lead to health complications. If it is necessary to have the appendix surgically removed, it is likely to experience health complications, but it will sustain your life.


  1. Very helpful, thank you!!

  2. Recently had mine removed after suffering appendicitis. Makes me a bit concerned but nothing I can do now...

  3. My mom thinks the appendix has no purpose.
    I will show this to her! Very helpful! A friend had
    to get her appendix out. I feel a little bad for her...

  4. Hope your friend feels better soon. Take care.

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