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Madonna - Girl Gone Wild

beh wildi khodesheh!!!

خواهر اسكار

خواهر اسكار ميگفت داداش اسكارش داره ميره خونه اصغر اينا
نميدونم داشت به چى فكر ميكرد اما عجيب تو خودش بود

Poshte pardeye Befarmaeid Sham / بفرمایید شام Group46, E5

Making-of "A Separation" (Asghar Farhadi) BACKSTAGE

Ba inkeh ghablan in clipo gozashtam
Ama ja dareh dobareh bebinim
Man ke har dafeh baz geryam migireh az didanesh!!!!

مصاحبه لیلا حاتمی با شبکه "سی ان ان" بعد از مراسم اسکار

Eshtebahi CNN zadeh keh Leila Hatami
Dokhtareh Asghar Farhadi hast!!!!!

Mohammad Reza Hedayati - Ba To Aroomam

پـَـَـ نــه پـَـَــــ

نصف شب مامانم حالش خراب شده
زنگ زدم اژانس میگه ماشین میخواین ؟؟

!!!!پـَـَـ نــه پـَـَــــ امشب شب مهتــابه حبیبم رو میخوام

عجله نکن

زندگی همه چیز را به تو خواهد آموخت

دلم می خواست زمان را به عقب باز می گرداندم

دلم می خواست زمان را به عقب باز می گرداندم
نه برای اينکه آنهايی که رفتند را باز گردانم
برای اينکه نگذارم اصلا بيايند

Maryam Akhondy's Zurkhaneh

اُصغار بر همه‌ی ایرانیان مبارک باد

Oscar + Asghar = Osghar

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Spirit Awards 2012 - Best International Film: A Separation


!وقتی میای فیسبوک انگار اومدی تو پروفایل شخصی اصغر فرهادی

Harfeh hessab

هفت میلیارد نفر روی کره زمین زندگی میکنن
اونوقت تو میخوای اجازه بدی یک نفر روزت رو خراب کنه؟

رابطه هاى امروزى

رابطه هاى امروزى جوری شده که
مى تونید به همدیگه دست بزنید
!!!!ولى نمى تونید به گوشى هاى همدیگه دست بزنید

جدائی نادر از سیمین تاکنون 57 جایزه ی سینمایی رو از 51 کشور دنیا برده

جدائی نادر از سیمین رکوردی زده که تا بحال
همچین رکوردی زده نشده و احتمالاً تا سالهای سال هم
ثبت چنین رکوردی غیر ممکن خواهد بود

این فیلم تاکنون 57 جایزه ی سینمایی رو از 51 کشور دنیا برده

قسمتی از نامه پیمان معادی به اصغر فرهادی

وقتی آنجلينا جولی درباره کار بعدی‌ات پرسيد و ساده و راحت درخواست کرد که در فيلمت بازی کند و در پاسخ حرفت که گفتی شخصيت زن فيلمت فرانسوی زبان است، گفت تا آن تاريخ می‌تواند زبان فرانسه ياد بگيرد، من غرق در غرور شدم

ساره بیات بازیگر نقش "راضیه خانم" در فیلم جدایی نادر از سیمین

Cheghadr jayeh ishoon dar Oscar khaali bood!!!

Los Angeles Times:Peyman Moadi finds his place in the film world

Peyman Moadi, the star of Asghar Farhadi's Oscar-nominated Iranian domestic drama "A Separation," is finally at peace with himself and his career.

Along the way, though, he gave up his youthful ideas of studying film in New York, heeded his parents' advice by getting a degree in a subject he didn't care for — engineering — and wrote five very commercial movies in Iran.

"But I was suffering all the time because I didn't even like these movies," said Moadi, 41, during a recent visit to Los Angeles. "I was one of the best writers in the country, but it wasn't enough for me."


Peyman Moadi: A caption in the Feb. 12 Calendar section under a photo accompanying a profile of "A Separation" star Peyman Moadi said he earned an engineering degree before going to New York to pursue acting. In fact, as the article says, he earned his degree in Iran after returning from New York, where he intended to study filmmaking. —

So he started writing and directing short films that, he said, did well at festivals. He had written a feature film and wanted to direct it. But scripts need to be submitted to the government for approval before filming begins, and he wasn't able to receive permission. Around the time he started to write another script, one of his short films caught the eye of Farhadi, who asked him to act in his 2009 ensemble movie "About Elly."

"This was the first time that I was thinking seriously about acting," Moadi said over coffee at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. "I love Asghar's movies, so I was feeling that I would be in good hands. We became friends, and I received good feedback for my acting at the festivals." "About Elly" was Iran's submission for an Oscar in 2010.

The two then began collaborating on a screenplay for a film that was supposed to shoot in Berlin. Then one day Farhadi called Moadi to say he felt compelled to put their screenplay on the back burner so he could write "A Separation," about a couple who have split up. At the crux of the pair's rift is that the wife wishes to immigrate to another country with their daughter in search of a better life, but the husband doesn't want to leave behind his 80-year-old father, who has Alzheimer's. Along the way, economic and religious issues also come into play.

Moadi didn't have any hard feelings about Farhadi putting the breaks on their film: "I said forget everything if you think you have to do it. .

"After some months, he sent me the screenplay," Moadi said. "He wanted my opinion. Afterward, he came to me and said, 'I want you to play the role'" of the husband.

In the meantime, Moadi had completed a screenplay and was about to make his feature directorial debut. "Asghar told me, 'Leave your project. Put it away and do my movie and then go make your movie,'" recalled Moadi. So he did.

"A Separation" has won countless international awards, including the Golden Globe for foreign language film. In addition to being nominated for the foreign language Oscar, the film is also nominated for original screenplay — the first time an Iranian film has been nominated in a screenplay category.

The accolades have taken Moadi and Farhadi by surprise. During production, Moadi recalled, Farhadi would constantly ask him whether people outside of Iran would be able to relate to the story. "This is a very Iranian, Persian story," said Moadi. "I said, 'I don't know, but I am sure that you will have a great story about humans.'"

Paul Malcolm, film programmer at the UCLA Film & Television Archive, said that Moadi's performance is the center of the film. "Even though we see his character making bad decisions we can sympathize with him because they are honest decisions," Malcolm said. "While I think a lot of the push and pull of these tensions are more pronounced in a country like Iran, it is a situation that a lot of people around the world can relate to because this is the nature of our global society right now.... We all make mistakes and bad decisions, and sometimes that leads to hurting the people we care about."

The writing laurels for "A Separation," Moadi said, have been a particular validation of the film's universality. On the day of the interview, Moadi and Farhadi were in town to pick up a prize from the Los Angeles Film Critics Assn., which named "A Separation" the top screenplay of 2011. "This is more important than acting awards," Moadi said. "I told Asghar, 'You write a Persian screenplay. They don't understand a word of your screenplay and they give you the award for best screenplay. This means they get your story. This means language doesn't matter.'"

Though it's hard to imagine now, "A Separation" almost wasn't put forward by Iran for Oscar consideration. Farhadi told The Times in December that the movie met with considerable resistance by several factions of Iran's selection committee. Even before that, production of the film had been halted by Iran's Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance for 10 days after Farhadi made a speech at the House of Cinema Film Festival in support of such Iranian filmmakers as Jafar Panahi, who had been banned from making movies. The film was allowed to proceed after Farhadi apologized.

Moadi believes audiences around the globe have connected so strongly with the film for multiple reasons. "It is like a Hitchcock thriller. There is no bad guy and no good guy. Everybody can find themselves in one of these characters."

The plaudits from big-name Hollywood types have been equally thrilling, he said. "Meryl Streep [praised us]. Steven Spielberg said it is one of the best movies he's ever seen," Moadi recalled with incredulity. "Bob Dylan said it was magnificent."

Moadi was born in New York City, where his father was studying law. By the time he turned 5, his father had completed his degree and moved the family back to Tehran.

A self-proclaimed "movie lover," Moadi's dream was to return to New York to study film and meet his idol, Woody Allen. But after Moadi completed his two-year military service, his father insisted that he study metallurgical engineering at the Islamic Azad University at Karaj. "My family was telling me that metallurgy" was a good profession, he said.

A year into his studies, he returned to New York City. "They had a rule that we could deposit money and go six months out of the country and get back in and continue at the university. I went to New York. I wanted to study cinema at New York University. But I had doubts."

Despite his cinematic dreams, Moadi — much like the characters in "A Separation" — found it difficult to extricate himself from family obligations and expectations. He returned to Iran and finished his degree.

Moadi satisfied his artistic side by writing short stories. In 2000 he turned one of those, "Swan Song" into a screenplay, which became a hit movie, Moadi said.

After he finished filming "A Separation," Moadi did go back to directing his own film, "Snow on the Pines." The drama, about a woman turning 40, premiered last week at the Fajr International Film Festival in Tehran.

"I am not in it, but a lot of beautiful actors and actresses are in the movie," he said. "It was a very good experience."

بوسه کیت بکینسل بر گونه اصغر فرهادی

Omidvaram babateh in booseh
Moshkeli pish nayad!!!

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Arrive On Oscar Red Carpet 12 Hours Early

LOS ANGELES—Stepping out of a chauffeured limousine just as dawn broke above Hollywood's Kodak Theatre Sunday morning, Brad Pitt and longtime partner Angelina Jolie arrived at the 84th Annual Academy Awards, taking their place on the red carpet a full 12 hours before the event was scheduled to begin.

"Man oh man, Oscar Sunday! The day I've been waiting for all year has finally arrived, and what a thrill to actually be here in the flesh," said Pitt, adjusting his bow tie as a single city bus drove down the desolate Hollywood Boulevard. "Angelina and I were so excited, we bolted up out of bed at four this morning, got dressed, and had the car take us right over."

"Heck, it's not like we would have been able to go back to sleep anyway," he added. "It's the Oscars!"

Pitt, who received a nomination for Best Actor for his role in Moneyball, immediately strode right up to the theater's grand entryway, remarking how "unbelievably psyched" he was to be invited to the biggest night in show business to the small crew of workers groggily erecting the press tent.

According to sources, at approximately 8 a.m. the delighted couple began taking multiple laps up and down the empty red carpet, pausing along the way to giggle with excitement and to pretend they were waving at throngs of nonexistent fans screaming their names. A beaming Jolie then reportedly made a series of several slow turns as if a hypothetical pack of photographers was fighting to capture her from every angle.

Though she was not nominated for any awards herself, Jolie was hardly able to contain her enthusiasm to her equally elated husband, gushing about how she couldn't wait to see who would be mentioned in host Billy Crystal's opening monologue and what famous celebrities would be presenting awards.

"Just think, all the movie stars are going to be standing right here," said Jolie, gazing wide-eyed over the sea of collapsed folding chairs, un-built scaffolding, and exposed wires littering the sidewalk. "All the lights, the cameras, the glamour—I feel like I'm in a dream!"

Added Jolie, "I wonder if we'll see George Clooney."

As a fleet of flatbed trucks arrived to deliver dozens of portable bleachers, Pitt and Jolie decided to walk next door to the Hollywood & Highland center, where the Starbucks had just opened and Jolie could duck into the bathroom to adjust her makeup while Pitt could purchase a coffee and go over his acceptance speech should he win an award.

The couple returned just as crews were rolling the giant Oscar statue into place and tilting it upright, prompting Jolie and Pitt to giddily pull out their cell phones and take each other's pictures in front of it.

Pitt and Jolie then sat cross legged on the red carpet for 45 minutes, eating the bagged lunches they had packed the night before and marveling at all the bustle going on around them.

"Make sure to take a lot of pictures," said Pitt to Jolie. "Oh, and let's try to position ourselves near the limousines at the start so we can see when all the big names arrive."

"That's my favorite part," he added.

At press time, the couple had reportedly attempted to enter the theater to scope out the best seats, but were informed by security that the doors wouldn't be opening for another six hours


درباره لباس لیلا حاتمی در مراسم اسکار

در واقع ، انتخاب لباس عروس گونه لیلا حاتمی (بازیگر نقش سیمین) دارای پیامی تفکر شده بود و نشان دهنده وصال و پایان جدایی بود
عصرایران - دیشب سالن "کداک تیاتر" شاهد ، بهترین پایان یک جدایی بود. جدایی پر ماجرای نادر و سیمین پس از یک سال افتخار آفرینی، در ایستگاه پایانی با فتح بلند ترین قله سینمای جهان به کار خود پایان داد و برای همیشه در تاریخ سینمای ایران و جهان ماندگار شد

مراسم اهدای جایزه اسکار به "اصغر فرهادی" ، سه مهمان ویژه داشت. نادر، سیمین و ترمه (خانواده فیلم جدایی...)در کنار یکدیگر نشسته بودند تا تداعی کننده پایان جدایی نادر از سیمین باشند

دیشب لیلا حاتمی، پیمان معادی و سارینا فرهادی نبودند که در "کداک تیاتر" به افتخار فرهادی کف می زدند و اشک می ریختند. بلکه این قهرمانان فیلم دوست داشتنی سینمای ایران بودند ، که اگر شاهکار هنری شان تداعی گر جدایی دو نگاه و اندیشه متفاوت از یکدیگر بود ، این بار ضیافت بزرگ عرصه هنر را عرصه ای برای آشتی و "وصل" جدا ماندگان معرفی می کردند

دیشب سه چهره اصلی شاهکار اصغر فرهادی که در آخرین نمای فیلم با رخت عزا از یکدیگر جدا شدند، در هیبتی جدید کنار یکدیگر نشسته بودند و اینگونه بود که در کنار پیمان معادی، لیلا حاتمی در لباسی نظیر لباس نوعروسان نشسته بود و سارینا فرهادی باز هم حلقه اتصال این دو بود

در واقع ، انتخاب لباس عروس گونه لیلا حاتمی (بازیگر نقش سیمین) دارای پیامی تفکر شده بود و نشان دهنده وصال و پایان جدایی بود

دیشب درست در همان لحظاتی که اصغر فرهادی پشت تریبون از فرهنگ و صلح به جای جنگ سخن می گفت ، نقش آفرینان جدایی نادر از سیمین در سالن "کداک تیاتر" ، جملات فرهادی را به زبان هنر ترجمه می کردند و پایان جدایی ها را با اشک های شوق ترمه، به تصویر می کشیدند

Farzad Farzin - Shelik - Bia Bia

Farzad joon I luv you khaeli
Ama in album o doost nadashtam
Bar akseh album ghablit
Keh I was crazy about :(

آرش و خانم

اصغر فرهادی/ژان دوژاردین

Woody Allen thinks the best movie of the year is 'A Separation'

Woody Allen ended a long Oscar drought. The 76-year-old writer-director took home his first Academy Award in more than 20 years for his original script for "Midnight in Paris," but not even his fourth win could lure the filmmaker to the show. "I tried for a little bit to get him to come, but he thinks it's all..." said Tom Bernard, whose Sony Pictures Classics distributed Allen's time-traveling comedy. "He thinks the best movie of the year is 'A Separation,' " Bernard added of the Iranian drama that was named top foreign language film.


25Band Puerto Rico by banglorebax

Doctori hakimi chizi
Taghdim konam??????

This is really amazing

به افتخارش

برای تشخیص عکس مانیتورو بدین عقب
یا کلا از مانیتور دورشین !! اگه گفتین کیه؟

عکسهای جدائی نادر از سیمین در اسکار ۲۰۱۲


شهاب حسینی‌ و همسرش

Jayeh ishoonam dar Oscar
Fogholadeh khaali bood dishab

به گزارش وبسایت ونکوور سان لیلا حاتمی نامزد بدترین لباس فرش قرمز شد

Motasefam ke begam I agree
Escada chi fekr kardeh in lebasso
Taneh ishoon kardeh man hanooz nemidoonam

تبریک سخنگوی وزارت امورخارجه آمریکا به اصغر فرهادی

Babak Saeedi & Raha Etemadi - Norouze Man

Monday, February 27, 2012

لیلا حاتمی در مراسم شام شب قبل از اسکار، وست‌هالیوود کالیفرنیا

Idin - Yadam Midi (Remix)

Sohrab Pakzad Ft Amir Tabari - Hesse Parvaz

صحبتهاي اصغر فرهادي بعد از جوايز اسکار

صحبت عوامل جدايي درباره لباس هايشان براي شب اسكار

Man kiam ke digeh Zegna ro ham ghabool nadaram :D

Ermenegildo joon yeh tuxedo ghashangtar midadi
Peyman jan bepooshan khob :(

Albateh begam kotshalvareh Mr Farhadio doost dashtam
Ama ino ba in jelighe noch!!!

Angelina Jolie's appearance in the 2012 Oscars got a LOT of people talking "TOO THIN"