Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shakila First Persian Artist With Official iPhone And Android app

In today's world everything is getting smaller and faster, and with today's fast growing technology, people want to have everything on the go. Now Shakila is pleased to inform her fans, that the official app for Android and iPhone, is now available, and can be downloaded directly from the Android market or iTunes.

As far as we know, this will be the very first official artist app, and will help Shakila to promote and stay in touch with all her fans, who now have access all of Shakila's videos, music, concert dates and all other news.


•Listen to all of Shakila's music anywhere you go

•Exclusive photo gallery

•Buy any single or multiple tracks at a very low price

•View all of Shakila's videos

•Get most available updates on the latest news on the concert, albums & other events

•Follow Shakila directly from this app via Facebook, Tweeter and other social networks

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