Thursday, May 19, 2011

چه رنگی رو در خواب دیدید؟ تعبیر رنگهای مختلف

Seeing color in your dreams?
Check this out!!


Passion, courage, emotional relationships. If its a bad dream then it may indicate danger.


Sociability and friendliness.May indicate new interests or fussy feelings towards some new interests.


Can be interpreted positively or otherwise. May symbolizes intellect, energy, happiness. If it is a bad dream this could represent fear, cowardice and illness.


Desirable changes, progress, growth, healing and peace. May also indicate your efforts to gain recognition or establish independence. If the dream is bad it may indicate envy, greed and jealousy.


Truth, wisdom, and openness. May symbolizes your optimism for the future or your confidence & trust in a particular matter. But may also indicates "Blue felling" or "sad Felling" . dream.


Dark violet may indicate feelings of misunderstanding or obstacles ahead to overcome. May also represent the spiritual color - brighter shades help inspire and stimulate.


Also known as the color of death,may indicate the ending of old ideas or change.It could also be hidden or rejected aspect of the dreamer. It also represent the unknown, mystery, the unconscious, and sometimes even protection.


Fear, depression, ill health, or confusion. It may symbolizes being emotionally distant .


Purity, sincerity and truth. Subconsciously may be a sign of the truth of a certain matter. It is also represent

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