Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Googoosh August 2011 Interview in English

How do you feel about being considered a style icon, did it come naturally or take some getting used to?

Whenever I am in front of the camera my inner feelings come out naturally. The camera is my best friend.

Did you work with stylists before?

I have occasionally used different stylists. However, I don’t work with a specific stylist.

How would you describe your everyday style?

I do not use a specific style. Mostly simple and casual.

How has your style changed throughout the years?

My style has changed as years have passed. However, during each period, I have been aware and eyed the fashion and style of that time.

Who was your style icon as a teenager?

Audrey Hepburn.

What was your favourite era, are you a swinging sixties girl, or a disco diva?


The Seventies trend is huge for Spring Summer, what is your favourite seventies item?

Bell bottoms.

What brands did you particularly like back then? Who are your favourite brands now?

Couarge – Azaro – Leonard from then and now Chanel – Valentino and Cavalli.

Are you a woman who enjoys a natural hair and make-up look or full on glamour?

The simpler it is the more I like it.

What’s your beauty regime and which products can’t you live without?

Over the past years I have been working very closely with distinguished cosmetics laboratories in the United States and Paris to create cosmetic products specifically for the needs of Middle Eastern women. My new line of cosmetics called Googoosh Cosmetics is what I must always have around which meets my busy schedule needs and demands.

Have you learnt any great beauty secrets to help your skin cope with the demands of stage make-up and a busy lifestyle?

Keep it clean. Get enough rest and using products that rejuvenate the skin.

Are there any women now whose style you particularly admire?

Halle Berry and Gywneth Paltrow.

In what way does your personality alter for the stage?

I become someone who is completely devoted to my audience, my fans and the flow of energy between the stage and the audience.

What do you look for in a performance outfit?

Elegance and comfort.

How has being a performer and an artist affected your everyday style? Do you strive to separate Googoosh the performer from Googoosh the woman?

Obviously, Googoosh the performer would need to dress and look more glamorous and fashion oriented on stage. This will definitely affect my day-to-day life as well. However, I generally enjoy casual and comfortable look for everyday style.

How has Googoosh changed throughout the years?

I’m more experienced and more cautious about making important decisions in life.

What’s your favourite kind of audience to perform to?

I love and cherish all types of my audiences and fans at different ages or nationality. All the cities and venues I perform at are my favorite ones.

Where do you find the inspiration for your music?

From day-to-day life experiences and my inner feelings.

Do you have one defining stage moment or memory?

Yes. My first concert in Canada after 20 years of silence.

What emotions did you go through when setting such a strong and admiral example for the women of Iran?

I feel proud and empowered.

How does it feel to have such loyal fans who have grown with you, particularly when seeing them band together in support of your return to the stage?

I have a tremendous amount of gratitude, love, affection & loyalty towards them.

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