Friday, March 23, 2012

Pets who have millions more than you will ever have

What they're worth: $30 million. These adorable dogs will inherit their fortune from their human owner, Oprah, when she passes away. Oprah is well-known for taking care of people with advice and encouragement. Why wouldn't she provide for her dogs as well?

Their lifestyle: While some dogs rock out in diamond collars, Oprah's dogs spend money on their spiritual needs. A holistic vet keeps them healthy by advocating a balanced diet of raw meat and home cooked meals.

What he's worth: $80 million. He inherited his fortunate from his human owner, Patricia O'Neil when she died. O'Neil had separated from her husband, the famous swimmer Frank O'Neil and wanted to leave her fortune to her favorite pet. Rumors report that Kalu was the reason for the couple's fighting - Frank did not like the Chimp after he found the pet smoking his cigarettes and drinking his beer).

What he's worth: $92 million. Toby's father was a poodle that belonged to New York socialite, Ella Wendel. When Wendel died she gave her dog $30 million dollars. When Toby's dad passed away, Toby inherited the sum with compounding interest.

His lifestyle: Toby is one of the most pampered poodles in the world. Always appearing in photos looking meticulously groomed, it is safe to assume Toby has lavish beauty habits. He also likes dark designer sunglasses and decorative collars.

What he's worth: $372 million. His benefactor: Gunther IV, inherited his money from his father, Gunter III, a German Shephard. Karlotta Liebenstein. A German countess gave Gunter III his money in the first place.

His lifestyle: Gunther IV is rolling in style with his own BMW roadster, a chef who cooks his steaks every day, a driver, and servants. Oh, and he bought one of Madonna's villas

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