Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I wish you all a very happy and prosperous 1391 new year ♥

To all my family and friends all around the world, (persians, and non-persians) I love you and I wish you all a very happy and prosperous 1391 new year ♥ Display for the No-rouz (New Day), a celebration of the vernal equinox, the Persian New Year; We prepare a Haft-Sin or The Table of Seven S’s. The symbolic display in...cludes: 1.) Sabzeh (Sprouts, usually Lentil or Wheat): Represents fertility and the rebirth of nature. 2.) Seeb (Apple): Symbolizes natural beauty. 3.) Samanu (a Pudding in which common wheat sprouts are transformed and given new life as a sweet, creamy pudding): Shows the reward of patience. 4.) Somaq (Somaq Berry used as spice): Reddish like the color of sunrise; with the appearance of the sun, Good conquers Evil. 5.) Senjed (the sweet, dry fruit of the Lotus tree): Represents love. It has been said that when lotus tree is in full bloom, its fragrance and fruit make people fall madly in love. 6.) Seer (Garlic): Symbolizes robust health. 7.) Serkeh (Vinegar): Represents age. Gold fishes are common and hafiz poetry books are used to keep Brand New bills in, along with good wishes and a hafiz reading as "Eidee" Let know if I left anything out but, typically the celebration lasts for 13 days, where everyone begins visiting the elderly, down to the youngest members. On the 13th day, Iran is filled with out-door picnics and festivities, you'd be lucky to find a spot looool! damn yadeshhhhh bekhair hitchi mese Norouz to Iran nemisheh *Cheers*

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