Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Iranian-American deputy Shervin Lalezary arrested arson suspect Harry Burkhart

Elahi keh naziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Shervin Lalezary, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy who made the traffic stop that netted arson suspect Harry Burkhart, is OK looking too. He's not a full-time member of the LASD. He is a Beverly Hills real estate lawyer who joined the sheriff's reserves for $1 a year and was out on just his fourth solo patrol shift early this morning. Lalezary, 30, said tonight he was born in Tehran, Iran. His brother, also a reserve deputy, came with him to the press conference where Lalezary was introduced by Sheriff Lee Baca.

The State Bar shows Lalezary being admitted in 2008. He's listed with a UCLA undergraduate degree and a law degree from USC.

 Sheriff update: The Sheriff's Department elaborated a bit on Lalazary's status. He's attached to the West Hollywood station and began as a reserve deputy in 2007. In December he completed the training that allowed him to patrol alone. He was on his third (or fourth, depending on the source) solo patrol shift when he stopped Burkhart near Sunset and Fairfax. As a reserve, he makes $1 a year.

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