Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mbrace2 puts Facebook in your Mercedes-Benz

At CES 2012 Mercedes-Benz revealed a full-featured new telematics system, Mbrace2, which gives drivers access to a number of useful and popular apps in the dashboard. This new system will first see production in the updated 2013 SL-Class, then roll out to other 2013 models.

Mercedes-Benz enhanced its traditional onscreen interface with a carousel menu structure, and one of those carousel items leads to the apps. These include Facebook, Yelp, a news reader, Morningstar Finance, Google search, Google Street View, and Panoramio. Most of the apps are integrated with the navigation system, so the driver can instantly set a restaurant from Yelp as a destination, for example. As a safety feature, many of the app functions are blocked while the car is moving.

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