Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Iran court sentences former U.S. Marine to death

An Iranian Court has sentenced Amir Mirzaei Hekmati to death for being a “CIA Spy“. Hekmati is a dual US and Iranian citizen and former US Marine.

Iran is alleging that Hekmati served in Iraq and Afghanistan for US Coalition forces before entering Iran on an intelligence mission. Hekmati’s father, who is a college professor in Michigan said that it is ridiculous that his son is being considered a spy and that his son was in Iran visiting his grandmothers.

Under Iranian law Hekmati has 20 days to appeal the verdict.

Tensions between the US and Iran have been at a boiling point over Teheran’s nuclear program. The US suspect the Iranians are building nuclear weapons while Iran says its nuclear program is for energy production.

In the ruling, which was announced and read by Iranian state radio, Hekmati was called a mohareb (fighter against God), and a mofsed (one who spreads corruption on Earth).

The US State Department has not only called for Hekmati’s release but for Swiss diplomats to be granted access to the American. The US and Iran do not have diplomatic ties and the US is represented by the Swiss when it becomes necessary for them to interact.

This is not the first time Americans have encountered trouble with the Iranian government. In 2009, Iran accused three American hikers of spying for the US government. After more than a year in jail they were released by Iran.

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